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San Diego Car Rental Information

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San Diego is located south from Los Angeles. If you have never been there, here's a satellite view of San Diego:

In a big city such as San Diego, a car is by mean the best traveling method to use. With so many interesting places such as the Sea World, Imperial Beach, Chula Vista and many others, hiring a car is the most convenient thing to do.

Depending on your travel budget, car rental agencies can provide you with a wide variety of car choices. To learn more about hiring a car in San Diego, visit Rental Cars in San Diego for a more comprehensive information.

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An Introduction To Global Positioning System (GPS)

GPS or the Global Positioning System was originally developed by the United States Department of Defense for use in weapons delivery. The testing of GPS satellite and equipments started in 1977 in Arizona, USA. GPS has become an indispensable tool for navigation around the world. It is also an important tool for map-making and land surveying. Other use of GPS is it can provide a precise time reference used in many applications including scientific study of earthquakes and synchronization of telecommunications networks.

There are many different types of GPS units available on the market today. Basically you pay is what you get for a GPS unit. Some GPS units or is called a GPS receiver can only work in limited areas and functions are limited.

With the recent development of more sophisticated GPS units, more functions is available, for instance it is now possible to get satellite photos of your vehicle in mere seconds. It can also be integrated with all your existing alarms and electronics in your car. Some interesting features include interrupting the starter for the car's immobilizer in case of theft, locating the vehicle whereabout, determine its speed and its direction of travel and many more.

Some of the uses of GPS technology (can be used to get know and control):
Many families are now becoming primary caretakers for their parents. Caretakers of the elderly with diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer's disease can track and assure where their loved ones are especially elderly drivers with Alzheimer's disease who can easily get lost on the road.

Businesses and fleet managers need to have a cost effective way to keep track of their vehicles and employees. They can't afford to lose money with the high cost of fuel these days. So, they need to make sure their drivers are actually on the road. There is also the potential their employees moonlighting while doing their jobs. Also there are many unsafe driver on the road. New and used car dealerships and rental car agencies can also save money by being able to track a stolen vehicle across any state line or beyond.

So now you see the many benefits and uses for GPS technology.


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Keeping Your Car Battery Charged

Take a look at this product:

Sunforce 50012 1.8 Watt Solar Battery Maintainer

Product Features:
  • Maintenance free, easy installation
  • Plugs into cigarette lighter with alligator battery clamps (included)
  • Charges in all weather conditions, temperature range: -40F to 176F
  • Max output 1.8 Watts 125 milli-amp hours
  • Made of durable ABS plastic and amorphous cells
Why do you need this product?
Overall, this product is not a sure way to charge back a flat battery. It may help a little, but not much. Happy shopping!

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Hydrogen Technology

With the high cost of oil in the world, other fuel alternative is in high demand. I had some trouble trying to figure out how hydrogen technology could be use as the fuel of the future. This video explains how it can benefit us and some amazing use of this technology.


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